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"Various Questions (please help)"

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Sep-03-08, 08:17 PM (Pacific)
"Various Questions (please help)"
Hi everyone, I've never played Wizardry 8, but I've played Wizardry 7 for years. I was just hoping you good folks might answer some questions for me.

1. I am currently playing one more time through 7, my old party was: Raw Ninja/Lord, 2 Fae Ninja, Fel Monk, Dra Ninja/Valkyrie, and Elf Bard/Samuri. I change all the slashed classes over pretty early on, I just did it to get Ninjutsu and Kirijutsu for everyone in my party (plus music for my Samuri). It was a pretty good party, lots of healing, spell damage, melee, good item usage too. There are new items and skills and so on in 8 thought, right? And every class has specialties? So are there certain classes now that most people see as "need to have"?

2. What transfers over from 7 to 8? Is there a certain percentage of your skill points? What about all that stats that I've leveled to 19 or 20? Certain items? Gold?

3. I've read that there are aditional characters you can have in your group (Vi, an Umpani, whatever), do the have classes to start with? Do you choose the class? And most importantly, in combat, do you pick what they do?

4. You can be in the middle of a fight and have a group attack from behind? I think I read that. Do the people in the back then become capable of fighting melee?

5. And the Personal skills are different now too? You get them buy building up certain skills or stats? Does it even matter who I give them to in 7 then?

6. Correct me if I am wrong. You can switch between ranged and melee withough taking a turn? But not if you're using a cursed item? So if I wanted to switch between a CoC and some ninja stars or something, I'd have to constantly removing curse?

7. If I import a party, is it still possible to get a gadgeteer? And do they have a spell book?

8. Is having the music sckill still enough to let a non-bards use instruments?

Any other information you guys couple provide me about the changes from 7 to 8 would help, especially as it would pertain to an imported party. Thanks!

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Various Questions (please help), GoatBoySteve, Sep-03-08, 08:17 PM

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