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Wiz 7 and DOSBOX
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Wiz 8 - Destination Dominus
Between the collective knowledge of the board regulars and visits from Sir-Tech staff, you have found the destination of choice for questions regarding this long awaited game.
Protected   Llevram
Jan-12-18 11:36 AM
300 Topics
-17322 Messages

W8 - Hints, Tips & Spoilers
Are you stuck? Need a hint, a clue, helping hand, smack upside the head to jog things loose, ... Check here.
Protected   Llevram
Jan-12-18 11:51 AM
300 Topics
-11010 Messages

The Dominus Diaries
Come share your trials and tribulations on your path to ascension.
Protected   Llevram
Mar-22-09 07:52 AM
27 Topics
95 Messages

Top Ten
What are the top ten (in each category) that you think deserve to be immortalized in FAQ fashion?
Protected   Llevram
Jan-12-18 05:35 PM
15 Topics
113 Messages

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