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Nov-15-00, 10:04 AM (Pacific)
I was wondering if anybody out ther on this board has every played MUD's very much. I tend to play a few quite frequently and am currently playing on Isle of Lesbos mud ( 6667).
I've been playing on MUD's for over almost a decade now and really want to start my own. A friend of mine wants to do it with me as well and we have a TON of awesome ideas for one due to both of our extensive background in playing them and helping run a few as an IMM.
Anyway, the problem is while we have tons of really cool ideas and I know how to write areas using either text editor (painstakingly slow, but it can be done!), OLC, and MZF (a windows-based area creator), neither of us has know how to code. I really want to learn, but I also really want to get my own MUD going. If anybody here knows C really well and would like to be an IMM on a MUD and would like to help me put my ideas into practice, let me know.
Also, if you know c and have no idea what I'm talking about and would like to help run an awesome internet-based multi-player game that is nothing like what you would normally think an Inet-based multi-player game, then let me know and I will explain in detail, or to get a taste of what I'm talking about, telnet to the following address: on port 6667 and poke around and read the help files, etc.

Thank you,

Myrddin the Enchanter of the Isle of Avalon, Emrys of Britain

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