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Wiz 7 and DOSBOX
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All about this board
Here you will find a few general pointers on the features of this board, the "code of conduct" and (hopefully) comments from others using the board.
Protected   Llevram
Dec-14-15 11:16 AM
244 Topics
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Other RPGs and related topics
Not that I believe this, but I hear that there are other RPGs worth playing aside from the ones we already have forums for. In the off-chance that is true, here is a spot to talk or theorize about such nonsense :-)
And to keep things active, any other general RPG topic activity can now have a home.
Protected   Llevram
Sep-19-17 06:49 PM
30 Topics
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Game Review
As we are waiting the release of upcoming RPGs, why not share your thoughts on games that you find interesting (or those you think should be avoided)
Protected   Llevram
Sep-02-09 08:07 PM
90 Topics
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OT = Off Topic
Got something to say (unfit or unrelated to the other boards) - feel free to post it here.
Protected   Llevram
May-07-17 05:17 AM
15 Topics
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