Wizardry ® 7: Crusaders of the Dark Savant / Wizardry Gold                     stacks=9,256
                    IF it doesn't say that, you are going to have to add those lines to your config.sys

                    I recommend:


                    Under config.sys
                    Then under AUTOEXEC.BAT for MS-DOS mode
                    SET TMP=C:\WINDOWS\TEMP
                    SET TEMP=C:\WINDOWS\TEMP
                    SET PROMPT=$p$g
                    SET winbootdir=C:\WINDOWS
                    SET BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 H5 P330 T6
                    LH=C:\REALMODE\MOUSE.EXE (may need to place this in your mouse default directory)
  Note: there are many different tactics for combat. These are just some suggestions that work for some people.
  1. Take advantage of the hiding ability of your party.
  2. Cast a bunch of haste, amormelt, enchanted blade spells, superman, etc.
  3. Always hide after attacking, to minimize damage and maximize your attacks.
  4. A conjuration spell also helps to draw some of the attacks from him.
  5. With a little patience and a lot of luck you should prevail.
For a more in depth look at tackling the Gorrors monsters, click here.
  • Items – How can I get…
  • -- Note that many of the more powerful items in Crusaders are randomly generated as treasure in several areas. One technique is to save the game before opening a chest in an area where the item can be found, and then reloading until you get the desired item.
  • Excaliber?

  • A: It's random. You can get it (and many of the other "best" random items) from the "Gorrors" battles.
  • The rod of Sprites?

  • A: The first way is to import it from Bane of the Cosmic Forge. They can also be found in the Temple of the Wanderers (Dane), the Hidden Temple area of Munkharama, some chests within Dragon Cave, and numerous chests found on the Isle of Crypts. They can also be found in the Funhouse at Rattkin Ruins.
  • The Cane of Corpus?

  • A: To get the Cane of Corpus you must kill Blienmesis. Invoking Cane Corpus ups Speed and either Dexterity to 18. When invoked the Cane will disappear, so if you have a fairy ninja – don’t invoke it, slay with it (it is one of the best weapons available in the game).
  • 2 Canes of Corpus?

  • A: Kill Bleinmeis on your first meeting, in the courtyard, before you steal from him. Then, with 6 characters of strength 20, bash down his door (in Rattskells Thieves Guild) and kill him again.
  • The Skull Key?

  • A: If you have the "LEGEND" map you can search around the Hall of Gorrors around the post that has a lot of messages. Try the map on the sides of the post and see what you find. This only works with the "LEGEND" map.
  • Q: What maps do I need to complete the game?

  • A: The maps provide hints on how to solve various puzzles in the game, there's only one of them that you absolutely NEED to finish the game, and that would the *LEGEND* map.
    If you play on the easy setting, one of the three book answers should work:
    1) aA, bB, cC and dD
    2) aC, cD, dB and bA
    3) aB, bD, dC and cA
    If you play on the medium or hard setting, you may have to try all three. If they all come up white, white, white, white - then the answer is:
    4) dA, cB, aD and bC
    If none of those work, you're on your own. Solve it or swim around.
  • Cheats/Tricks/Tips
  • Q: What are the rules on how characters transfer from Bane to Guardia

  • A:
    1. A number of items transfer always, and automatically. They are:
      Non-magical weaponry and armor,
      Ring of Stars,
      Diamond Ring,
      Cameo Locket,
      Amulet of life,
      PK crystal,
      Silver Cross,
      Ankhs of Life,
      Poet's lute,
      Angels' Tongue,
      Sparkle stix, Icicle stix, and their ilk,
      Rod of Sprites.

    2. A number of items will never transfer. They are:
      Ankhs (other than Ankh of Life),
      most amulets,
      Musical instruments (other than those listed above.),

    3. Then there are the powerful magic items -- the super weapons and armor you typically pick up on the Isle of the Dead. Each
      character gets to bring ONE of these across (sometimes a character may get two items). If a character "equips" one and only one
      item, that will be the one he/she/it gets to bring into DS. Thus, to choose which "special" item your party gets to import, simply equip
      only one of these special items per character.

    4. (4) Starting Gold depends on your Bane-ending/DS-beginning. The possibilities are:
      1. take the Forge and start near the Dane tower: 5,000 gp;
      2. fly with Bela and start near Ukpyr: 10,000 gp;
      3. fly with the Savant and start near Nyctalinth: 0 gp;
      4. take none of the Bane endings and fly with Altheides, and you start in the same place as a beginning DS party with 0 gp.

    5. In addition to items your party transfers from Bane, they may "pick up" some basic equipment on their trip -- this is almost always a weapon that the character would start with if he/she/it were a beginning DS character, so a fighter may pick up a long sword, a bard may pick up a sling and bullets, a samurai may pick up a katana. You also pick up a Journey map kit.

    6. Characters lose a bit in class levels, hit points, skill points, spells, spell points, and even attribute points, depending upon the character's level at the time of transfer:

      • Class Level: No character starts DS above 5th level, no matter how high a level he/she/it achieved in Bane. If the character changed classes shortly before transferring to DS and is only 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th level in the new class at the time of transfer, the character starts DS as a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th level character, respectively. If the character was 5th level or higher at the time of transfer, that character starts DS as a 5th level character. Starting hit points, skill points, and spell points all are linked to the character's starting level. Starting spells and skills do not appear to be linked to the character's starting level.

      • Attribute Points: At lower levels, characters do not tend to lose any attribute points in the transition to DS. If, however, the character was a world-beating superstar (e.g., 20th+ level, with all 18s (or close to it)), he/she/it WILL lose attribute points in the transfer, even losing points from karma.

      • Hit Points: Starting hit points are NOT based on starting class, they are based exclusively on starting character level. First level characters tend to have 8-16 hit points, while 5th level characters tend to have around 40. The other levels are in between.

      • Skills and Skill Points: Characters do not lose skills when they transfer, but they may lose skill points. As long as a character has at least one point in a skill at the end of Bane, he/she/it will have at least one point in that skill after transferring, even if the character is now a member of a class that otherwise does not have access to that skill. Skill points, however, depend upon two factors. First, a character will never start DS with a skill at a higher level than it was is Bane. With that limitation, starting skill level is directly related to starting character level. First level characters will have 1-3 skill points in each skill, while 5th level characters will have around 40 skill points in each skill. The other levels are in between.

      • (e) Spells and Spell Points: Characters lose a lot of both of these. Spells retained are random, they do NOT appear to be related to the character's starting level. A character will retain most 1st level spells, many 2nd level spells, and some 3rd level spells. No spells above 3rd level are retained. Spell points ARE related to the character's starting level. First level characters have around 10 spell points in each category (provided they had at least that many spell points in the same category prior to transferring), while 5th level characters have around 40. The other levels are in between. (Sensing a pattern, here?)

    7. Q: How can you get all the items in the Hall of Preservation?
      A: You can use the diamond ring (from Wizardry 6, see above) on each glass "door" to open it up.

    8. Q: How do I raise stat points during character creation?
      A: In WizGold, when you're rolling a character, after you've chosen his or her profession and while you're allocating the excess remaining attribute points, pressing one of the numberpad keys will raise the remaining available attribute points. Which key to press appears to be random, so try them all. Note that if you raise the available points too high such that you have points left after all your character's attributes are maxed out, you'll be stuck and will have to reboot.

      This "bug" doesn't help you roll elite characters, since you can't raise the attribute points until after you've chosen your profession. You can, however, immediately change classes upon starting the game.

    9. Q: How do I make my ninja equip the divine mail?
      A: Change to a Lord (for example) equip them. Change back to a ninja, when possible... cursed items will still be equipped, even after class changes.

    10. Q: How do I get unlimited Magic?
      A: Get an item which casts "magic food" (milk of magmanasia for example) and recharge it. Each use of the item refills more MP than it costs to charge it up once. NOTE: If you are near a fountain that replenishes Spell points, after you recharge the item, you can replenish your own spell point, so it costs you virtually nothing. Now you have your full spell points, plus the extra ones in the recharged item.

    11. NOTE: sometimes recharging breaks the item, so you may want to save your game first.