Winning stategies against the Gorrors monsters
(most all these work for just about any encounter)

#1 High levels - Once you get to a high enough level, this FAQ will become useless to you.  Many people have been said to kill two Beast of 1000 Eyes (in the first round even).  Of course, we are talking 100+ for your level - and that is not cumulative, it is your current level.  It has been theorized, that once your level exceeds the opponents by enough of a margin, you overcome their (sometime unnaturally high) resistances to things like magic and critical hits.  This is certianly the case for anyone that is critical hitting a monster with (supposedly) 125% resistance to Critical hits.

That said, here are some testimonials on how a few people have defeated the malicious Gorrors Monsters ...

 by Mike

Well here goes my stratagies but remember there is no easy way to kill any of
these bosses (except Ra-Sep-Re-Tep) these just might get you prepared so you
know what to expect.

All of the bosses: High levels, Before battle cast Armor Plate and Enchant
Blade. First round have everybody hide, this is a must!, this protects from
physical attacks. Cast haste, bless, and then superman on all of your people
who will be using weapons to attack with. Don't bother trying to harm them
with magic or magic effects, it won't work

D'Arboleth: He is not that hard but you want to kill him fast because of his
instant kill spells. Have about four or five attackers with superman on. Have
the other person heal when necessary. When i fought him i hid one round then
attacked the next one, i did this with all of the party members, not just the
ones in the back who needed to do it. He is the easiest of the bosses.

An addendum to Mike's Strategy by frobnoid

Re: D'Arboleth: A very high level character has some chance of dispelling him. Magic Screen is a must. If you manage to silence him, you're all set (if you can beat him before it wears off)... The other magic reducing spell, Anti-Magic works well too.

Horragoth: He is the next easiest. With him you want about three attackers.
Due to his love of casting damage and effect spells you will need more people
to heal and take care of ailments. Don't attack with too many people or the
effects of his spells will kill you. This battle will take longer because of
the slower pace. This guy is still fairly easy.

Thing From Hell: He is hard!!!!! He has only one attack though, Mindflay. So
everyround expect four people to take 40 damage and about one party member to
go insane. Loads of fun. What makes him so hard is his hit points 7,000. Just
keep whitiling away at him and try not to lose too many party members. Good luck

Fiend of 9 Worlds: It is a tie whether he or Thing is harder, depends on your
party. Fiend hits for a large ammount of damgae and critcal every other hit.
He also throws death stars. What to do is hide everybody. Have your one or two
guys attack. Make sure their speed is 18. If done right Fiend will never hit
anybody and the battle will take 15 minutes. Don't try to out melee him no
matter what weapons you have, he will kill you!!!!!! You have to be cheap and
merciless to kill him, forget a fighting chance he doesn't need it.

Beast of 1,000 Eyes: I can't kill him. Tell me if you find any tricks to doing  it.

Ra-Sep-Re-Tep: Hit him once. The end

Remember some of these guys are harder than the last boss. But keep trying.
Good Luck you'll need it.

Other tips:

In General: If you find you're really getting hurt badly, a create life style spell will often give the creature one more target, making it a bit easier on your guys
(even if the summoned creature does no damage...)

: Horragoth: Again, blocking his magic makes this battle less difficult. Astral gate will sometimes work with a very high level person. (If you're high enough to dispel D'arby or Horragoth you probably could beat them without much trouble anyways!)

: Thing From Hell: Strong mental resistance can leave this guy dead in the water. With the right items equipped and magic blocking in affect I almost always avoid the insanity. (at least until my magic points run out!)

: Fiend of 9 Worlds: The best strategy I've seen is to have everyone hide, and have the sixth rank character w/ reflextion tear into him with a light sword or        something similarly powerful. Reflextion lets you hit and re-hide, but even without it, he won't attack that character the next round... Have everyone else pile the spells onto this one character and let him (or her) go!

: Beast of 1,000 Eyes: Hiding is useless, he hits you even when hidden. The other spells are a must, however.
 by frobnoid

Everyone else put in their two cents, so I will too. I usually can kill the beast after a good battle, and my goal lately is to kill it without a single character dieing in the battle. I have been able to accomplish it several times. Here is how I do it. I give everyone a bat necklace or blackbelt of five flowers. I give my main hitter, usually my lord or ninja, both a necklace and the Necromatic Helm. Everyone EXCEPT my main hitter hides. My main character uses Anti-Magic the first round. My hiding characters keep casting heal spells, Anti-Magic, Superman, Bless, Create Life when needed, cloud spells and so forth. The most important spell is Armormelt. I keep casting that several times. (The effect is cumulative.)

When everyone hides, the dazzling lights seem to hit everyone. When all but one hides the spell seems to target the open one. It still hits the hidden ones, but not nearly as often. Thats why I give the necklace AND the helm to him. Sometimes I rotate who is in the open such as when my lord needs healing very bad, my ninja will attack until the lord is healed and then hide again.

I also have a theory that the Draining Cloud spell keeps the Beast from casting as many Dazzling Light spells, but I have not yet confirmed it.  On my next trip through, I will try to verify this.

And I might as well put in my two cents in on the Fiend of the Nine Worlds while I am at it. I have found that he is pretty easy. Everyone hides, and cast 7 or 8 Armormelts. That makes him easy to hit and then my ninja, monk and Lord whale away at him. I have not lost anyone (except my pet godzilla) in several battle against him. (Multiple Bless spells help as well.)

Just my two cents,

Ps. this is playing in the hard mode when there are two of each boss monsters.

For the non-spellcasting types, a bit of encouragement ...

Both of our stratagies work really well, it just depends on your partys strengths and weaknesses. The group of people i used were heavy fighting with my weapons being Sword of Four Winds, Zotachi bo, Light Sword, Muramasa, Excalaber, and Cane Corpus. With things like that you can see why i just pretty much ignore magic. Not even my most powerful spellcaster dented one of the people with a spell. Another thing that might have been a problem was that my highest level was 15 because of so many class changes. Your stratagy would work really well, just not with my party.

Does anybody else have hints for any kind of hard enemy, post them on the reply section. From the last reply it is obvious we need a lot of different strategies for different parties. Also try to say what kind of party you have.

The Beast:
This is a tough battle. Definitely the toughest in the whole game. The Beast has at least 10,000 hitpoints [actually 9099], which can make this battle last for a half an hour. The key is make sure that before the battle everyone wears an anti-light amulet (such as the bat neckless or rainbow amulet). This will greatly reduce your chances of being affected by the Dazzling Lights spell (the only spell that he casts). I suggest casting Superman on all the fighters, cast magic at the Beast at level 7. This is very important. It will make him fizzle his spells. Then cast Create Life at level 7 (or conjuration, if you don't have create life). This will redirect some of the Beast's attacks at the monster that you create. Also cast Armormelt--it will allow you to do more damage with each attack. Just keep attacking with your main guys. Eventually most of your characters will die, but just keep attacking. It really helps if you give your *light* sword to a ninja, who can attack with it 8 times per round.--that's a whopping 500hp per round. So if you have all the best weapons, you should be able to pull through.

Thing from Hell:
I found the Thing from Hell to be the easiest monster. All you gotta do is cast Silence at level 7. It usually works. And the Thing won't do a thing to you.

Some of the other Gorrors can be killed by casting Astral Gate at them at level 7. I forgot, though, which ones.
 by Ultra Blade

Notes on magic :

Thing from hell : Deadly poison and Poison Gas seem to work quite often. Once I even killed it with a deadly poison spell the second round or so (withered and died). Deep freeze also works well. It is even possible, though pretty hard, to silence the Thing.

I usually cast Create Life no matter which Gorrors enemy I fight to reduce the number of attacks on my party.

by Jan

And the trick no one has mentioned yet ...  EQUIP

The few tricks that people use to defeat the big, bad bosses, in general are (not in any particular order):
    1) hide every one
    2) cast a lot of bless, armormelt, ... at high level
    3) cast create life or similar spell to give them another target
    4) use a lot of cloud spells or potions*
    5) whack the heck out of 'em
    6) equip a lot* (like every character, every round, while the cloud spells are in effect)

* - this is kind of cheating - for every character, each time you equip during combat, as you leave the equip screen the effects of any cloud spells/potions are
re-assessed. So if you cast a cloud spell (first) and have the other five characters equip, the cloud spell effects are levied 6 times that round.