Wiz1Edit© - Character editor for Wizardry® 1

Wiz1Edit© is now available. Currently Wiz1Edit©is designed only for Wizardry® 1 saved games, of the Ultimate Wizardry Archives (UWA) flavor. If there seems to be enough interest, it is my intent to modify it, so that it would allow you to edit any saved games from Wiz 1, 2, 3 or 5 (again from the UWA).

Also slated for this product is a feature to allow you to import/export your characters between the versions. This would allow you to take a party (the same party) all the way from the beginning of Wiz 1 up to the end of Wiz 5. Again, this depends on how much interest there is for this sort of thing. If you are familiar with WizEdit©, then this product will probably look very familiar to you. It is basically the same, written in Visual Basic and most of the code came from WizEdit©. The biggest difference between the two is how long your changes "last".

As was the case with WizEdit©, only the registered version of the software will actually save changes (the demo version basically lets you get the feel for what it can do). But, as I eluded to, there is a difference in the earlier wizardries and how the game "evaluates" your characters every time you exit the maze and return to the Adventurer's Inn. When you do so, many of the "super-human" qualities you might have given your character (like spell points and spells) will disappear. As I said, this is due to the fact that the game "re-evaulates" your characters (and adjusts them to where it thinks they should be).

So, armed with that knowledge, you have a few alternatives. 1) Don't leave the maze - you can use Wiz1Edit© to heal and cure or just to rest up, in general. 2) Re-apply your changes (which could become very monotonous). 3) Give your characters an extremely high number of Experience points and allow them to level up "naturally". Then, when exiting the maze and visiting the Inn, they don't lose anything. In any case, you never lose weapons, armor or items.

To download the demo version of this product, click here. As always, feedback, comments and questions (good , bad, or indifferent) are welcome. I've tried to make it as functional and full-featured as possible, but if you can think of anything you would like to see added, feel free to let me know.


And here are some links to a few screen
shots, to give you an idea of what it
looks like and what you can do with it:

Editing a character (Thief)

Tinkering with the spells

Choosing your saved game

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