Table of Contents

1.1 Thanks
1.2 Disclaimer
1.3 System Requirements
1.4 Copyright notice
1.5 UWA vs. Original version
1.6 Intent

2.1 About this Document
2.2 Install
2.3 Launch

3.1 Exiting the Application
3.2 Saving your changes

4.1 Base Statistics & Items
        Special Note on Items
4.2 Spells

5.1 Making a Backup
5.2 Creating a Shortcut
5.3 Changing Your Display Settings


1.1  Thanks

To all the people that made this product possible:

1.2  Disclaimer

This product is provided "as is" without any guarantees or warranty, expressed or implied. Although the author has attempted to find and correct any errors or mistakes, he is not responsible for any damage or losses of any kind caused by the use or misuse of this product or the information in this document. The author is under no obligation to provide service, corrections, or upgrades to this product.

Users are encouraged to send submissions and error fixes to the author, but the author is in no way obligated to utilize these enhancements or implement fixes to the errors.

Note: It is STRONGLY suggested that you make a backup copy of any file you intend to modify, before using this editor (or any other). See Making a Backup in the How To section later in this document for instructions on how to do so.

1.3  System Requirements

Note:  If you need help adjusting your display settings, see Section 5.3 Changing Your Display Settings

1.4  Copyright notice

No portion of this document or software may be separated and distributed separately without the written permission of the author.

This document can not be included in any publication, such as, but not limited to: magazines, books, newspapers or newsletters, or any magnetic media without the written permission of the author.

This software can not be included in any software compilation using magnetic media such as, but not limited to: CD-ROM, tape backup, optical disks, hard disks or floppy disks, without the written permission of the author.

This software can not be recompiled, modified or not, and distributed without the written permission of the author.

1.5  UWA vs. original versions

This product was developed for and will only work in conjunction with the Ultimate Wizardry Archives (by InterPlay(tm)) version or Wizardry(r) I.  This is due to due to differences in the file formats and layouts.   So if you are running the Apple(tm) emulator version, sorry, this product is not for you.

1.6  Intent

It is my intent to provide to you, a utility that is easy to install, easy to use and perhaps a little informative. I have endeavored to make the interface as intuitive as possible. That is to say you should be able to make whatever changes you want to your characters without ever having to read this document.

There are very few things you cannot do with this utility.  About the only things you can not do are change the Name or Class of your characters.  Hit points, Spells, Level, Experience, Spell Points - pretty much everything else - is fair game.  You can also use this program to quickly heal your characters - whether the just need "some rest", or a complete ressurection from dead or ashes - it's easy.


2.1  About this Document

As I stated before, this thing is easy to use. Of course, that is my opinion and is somewhat biased on two counts: I wrote it and I've played Wizardry® a lot. And even though you probably don't need it, this document is provided as a quick overview of how to use this program.

Here are some conventions that I have tried to maintain throughout the program and this documentation, for consistency and ease-of-use:

In the documentation, you will notice HYPERLINKS (in the index and the body of this document) that will take you directly to a specific topic or area in the document, by clicking on them. After clicking on the underlined link, the page is repositioned with the referenced topic at the top of the page.  To get back to where you were, RIGHT-CLICK and choose BACK.

SPECIAL NOTE ON LIMITATIONS: I have tried to be as accommodating as possible, anywhere numeric entry is required.  So, anywhere you find you are limited to a specific range of numbers (0 – 31 for instance, for Strength) it is due to the physical limitations within either Wizardry® or my application.

2.2  Install

It's easy - just insert your Wiz1Edit© CD into your CD-ROM drive and follow the prompts.  If the CD-ROM does not autostart the Wiz1Edit Setup program, you may launch it through Windows Explorer©.  The file name is: SETUP_W1E.exe.  By default, Wiz1Edit© will be installed under your C:\Program Files folder, in a new folder named Software Specialties.

If you desire, you can change the installation directory to any folder you choose.  And just in case you want to know what files will be installed/updated on your machine, here is complete list of the files and the default locations (for Windows® '95/'98 users) that they will be installed to:

Application Files   (installed in C:\Program Files\Software Specialties folder)
Example.dsk      (and a few example saved games for you to play around with)

Visual Basic®/Windows® Support Files  (installed C:\Windows\System folder)

True Type Fonts     (installed in C:\Windows\Fonts folder)

The install process will always overwrite the application files, but only overwrite older versions the Support Files and True Type Fonts files (if they already exist).


2.3  Launch

To launch the program:
  1. Go Windows Explorer©
  2. Navigate to the directory that you installed Wiz1Edit© in  (by default, it will install in C:\Program Files\Software Specialties)
  3. Double Click on the entry for Wiz1Edit.exe
  1. Press your Start Button (on the Windows® Task Bar)
  2. Select Programs
  3. Select the Folder you installed Wiz1Edit© in   (by default, it will install in the Wiz1Edit folder)
  4. Select the Wiz1Edit entry
If you need further help, see Creating a Short Cut in the How To section later in this document.



After the application has started, you may use the Drive, Directory, and File Mask (such as *.dsk) boxes to navigate to the saved game file of your choice. By default, there is only one saved game - SAVE1.dsk.  Once you select your saved game (by clicking on it) you will see the ‘Continue’ button become enabled. Pressing CONTINUE or DOUBLE-CLICKING on the Saved Game File will take you to the Base Statistics screen.

When you return here after making changes, there is one important thing you need to know: all of the changes that you have made need to be written back to your saved game file. Up to this point, all of the changes that you have made are only temporary.  To permanently save your changes, see Saving Your changes below.

3.1  Exiting the Application

If you want to discard your changes, you can choose EXIT or you can select another saved game file. In either case, you will be prompted to first save your changes, if you have made any (or healed your characters).

3.2  Saving your changes  (only active in the Live/Registered version)

After you have finished editing your characters and return to this screen, you will notice that the ‘Save’ and ‘Save & Exit’ buttons are now enabled. Pressing SAVE will save your changes, by writing them back to your saved game file. After doing so, you may choose another file to edit or make more changes to the same file.  Pressing SAVE & EXIT will save any changes you have made by writing them back to your saved game file and then exit the program.



From this screen you may select the character you wish to edit. There are a couple ways to select a character for editing - the easiest way being to simply click the down arrow (to the right of the the current character's name) and select the character to edit.  You can also use the NEXT and PREVIOUS buttons, to review your characters one by one.

As you will see on this screen, you can make changes to most anything you want: Statistics, Alignment, Race, Level, Items - anything but Spells information.  Although, due to the inner workings of the Wizardry(r) program, there are some changes that you can make may not be permanent.  Here are a few tips on which changes to make and where your characters should be when youmake them.  Read on, it will all become clear in a moment.

For the most part, it is best to make all changes to an "out" party, that is, one that is currently in the dungeon.  This is due to the fact that every time you enter or exit the dungeon (or maze), Wizardry(r) re-evaluates your characters and will adjust them accordingly, based on their merits.  This primarily affects changes to Equipped Items and Spells Information.  So, say your Samurai is hanging out in the Tavern - you come along and give him a boon of 1000 spells in each level and the ability to cast every Mage and Priest spell.  That's fine, but as soon as he steps foot in the dungeon - bam! - he's back to his normal old self.  Had you made these same changes after he has entered the dungeon (and the expedition quits while still inside the dungeon), then these changes would be with him for as long as he remains in the dungeon.

The same holds true for equipped items - you can load up a character with a Muramasa Blade and seven issues of Plate +3 - all of them equipped, for a really low armor class.  But, as soon as your character crosses that dungeon threshold, in either direction, only what he would nomally be able to equip will remain equipped.

One other note for safety's sake:  If you choose to give your character a huge amount of experience points, then go to the Inn and have him "level up" - keep this in mind: "Take a break from levelling up".  By this I mean don't give a level 1 character 200,000,000 Experience Points and expect to make one trip into the Inn to gain all his awaiting levels.  I've tried this a few times and sometimes the character becomes "Lost".  I don't know how or why it happens - I just know it does.  So, a word of caution - avoid doing that.  Take each character up 10 or 20 levels, then exit the Inn, re-enter and level up some more.  It doesn't take that much longer and you don't run the risk of losing a character.  Keep in mind, we are cheating here - there should be some penalties :)

NOTE: Character portraits are displayed using the same graphics I had commisioned for my previous editor WizEdit(c).  So, you may note that your Mage has taken on a somewhat feminine appearance in my application - don't worry - we're not doing any sex changes here.  The portraits are only for aesthetic value - I hope you like them.

4.1  Base Statistics & Items

Tired of hacking and slashing your way to the next level? Can't seem to find the experience points you need? Tired of waiting for your character to make 17 in all statistics (and turn Evil), so he can become a Ninja? Or are you just greedy and want more gold? Well, wait no longer, just click on the statistic or attribute you want to change and change it!   Or give your Thief a Dagger of Thieves, invoke it and voila - your a Ninja!

From this screen, just select the item to modify and do it. If you want to give your character a new Item, simply click on the Item and drag it over to the characters inventory.  Spells information can be modified from the Spells screen, which is accessed by pressing the SPELLS button.  When you are done making changes to all your characters and wish to return to the file selection screen, press DONE.  This will save your changes or pressing CANCEL will discard them.

Your characters are also "automatically" healed when you review them, on this screen.  So, if you are low on hit points and don't want to spend the time finding/fighting your way back out of the maze to heal up, then turn around and head right back to where you just were - this is for you. Simply reviewing each member of your party, then saving your changes is the equivalent of "fast forward" - you are all healed and ready to continue on.

Special Note on Items:  When adding items to your characters inventory, do not skip any empty slots.  Also, I am not completely certain that items you give your characters will have all the "invokable" characteristics that they would normally have in a "found" item.  I have tested some of the items, with varying results.  The Thieves Dagger when invoked, always did what it should do.  The Muramasa Blade! sometimes did what it should.  The Garb of Lords never did.  It could have been been just random luck or it may be that there is some piece of information I have yet to relate to "invokability".  Either way, the most important item in the game, should you choose to just give it to a character, will act as if you came by it honestly.

4.2  Spells

Can't wait for Tiltowait?  Or do you feel you may need to cast more than one or two per trip - say 1000 or so?  Then click SPELLS and reward (or adjust) your character as you see fit.  When making changes to the spell information, keep in mind that the changes you make will only last the duration of your current expedition.  So, don't make changes here until after you have got your characters into a party and have saved your game with them in the dungeon.  Likewise, once your characters exit the dungeon, you may need to re-apply some of your changes once they are back in on their next expedition.

When you are done, pressing DONE will save your changes or pressing CANCEL will discard them.  Both of these options will return you to the Base Statistics screen.

5.0  HOW TO

5.1  Making a Backup

 To make a backup copy of your saved game (something I highly recommend), follow these simple steps:

5.2  Creating a Shortcut

To create a shortcut to easily run Wiz1Edit©, follow these simple steps:

5.3  Changing Your Display Settings

If you are running Wiz1Edit© and cannot see the whole screen or the screens look "bad" (i.e. the background is speckled, or the File List box background is a checkerboard, or the character portraits are washed out), you will need to change your display settings. Here is how to do that:

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