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"DosBox input lag/freeze from Munkharama dungeon"

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Sep-13-13, 11:22 PM (Pacific)
"DosBox input lag/freeze from Munkharama dungeon"
LAST EDITED ON Sep-15-13 AT 05:42 AM (Pacific)



I was the sceptic posting the "really impressive?"- thread.
Now I am rather hectic, as cannot remain addicted.

Perfectly have been able to run Wiz 7 DOS ver. until getting into Munkharama dungeon.
From that place - teleported from the statue to a dungeon - DosBox occasionally freezes for 2-3 seconds within every 10-20 seconds of playing.
During this (deep ) freeze all keystrokes are however registered and will be run after the freeze is broken.

(Quite handy, if one likes to get rid of his remaining hair.
And I already use Autohotkey for macros with great success.)

Possibly no corrupt Dosbox, or Wiz 7 or SaveFile is present.
Simply overwritten the dungeon's savefile with an older savefile and play was mega-smooth again. However, as soon as being teleported down to the dungeon, the lagging / freezing appears.
Hope it will disappear soon!

(Tried also: searching other forums, D-fend reloaded, pure DosBox, en/disable Autohotkey, gamebooster, silent mode, all these in Win XP)


Edit: tried 2 versions of Wiz 7 from abandonware sites, they all behave the same: with input lag from the very place.
Perhaps this is an error of the game?


Thanx if ya can and do help.

EDIT 2: SOLVED (cant update thread subject )

apply patch: Dark Savant - Bug Fix (54k)
from :

(after it the Cosmic Forge Editor Rest Algorithm patch needs to be reapplied)

Thanx to Editors creators.

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