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Wiz 7 and DOSBOX
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Wiz 1 - The game that started it all
The beginning of the Sir-tech dynasty of RPGs.
Protected   Llevram
Oct-09-17 09:21 AM
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Wiz 6 - Oh, don't be so Banal ;)
A great game, whether you are playing it for its own merits or using it to maximize your starting point/party in Wiz 7. So, if you are new to the Wizardry series, or wanting those items unattainable in Wiz 7 or just want to start it with a some superlative armor and weapons, Wiz 6 is a great jumping off point.
Protected   Llevram
Dec-23-17 07:21 PM
237 Topics
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Wiz 7 - CoDS and Gold
Arguably the greatest CRPG of all time. The fact that we are all here talking about it and still playing it, says a lot about the game and it's makers.
Protected   Llevram
Feb-23-18 06:14 PM
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Other Sir-Tech(r) Games
Got a question about other Sir-Tech games - Wiz 2,3,4,5 or Nemesis - that isn't covered by the other boards post it here.
Protected   Llevram
Sep-05-10 06:54 PM
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