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"Wiz 7 quickest start strategy ?"

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zeldorn (4 posts) Click to EMail zeldorn Click to send private message to zeldorn Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
Jun-04-13, 03:48 AM (Pacific)
"Wiz 7 quickest start strategy ?"
After few month I've somehow got desire to start again. Still going with party designed for heavy class changing. Starting party

Samurai (comes with katana!)
Ninja (to get ninja garbs, shame it starts without katana, but it gets one immediately in New city's Black Market)
Bard (the lute of sleep is crucial at the beginning)
Pristess (to develop healing spells quickly)
Valkyrie - I just like them
Fairy mage - to develop mage spells quickly,

The idea is to get to Father Rulae and Legend map as quickly as possible. This is fairly easy (with knowledge from previous games), but may require some patience. The chest with the map is protected with deadly random traps which would usually kill half of the low level party, but after few tries and reloads it would come "stunner" which means all party members survive and the only really critical object in the game is secured. The real obstacle is 5000 experience points every surviving member gets, it causes few level advancements, and that procedure cannot be skipped before reloading. This is the only reason to consider doing "training dungeon" first, doing first few leveling there can save time with Legend chest.
Anyway, items gained from training dungeon would bring around 5600+ GC from Paluke. 4k of them would be left to try to buy two spears+2 from Cpt.Boerigard (usually get just one for 2000), the rest may go for basic equipment.
So, with very little moving effort the party is equipped and set.
Other starting points (for imported groups) are IMO in worse position because they would probably be to late to get Legend map and would have to track the current owner around the Guardia. And Paluke pays the best price for booty.
Any other suggestion ?


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desolation0 (2 posts) Click to EMail desolation0 Click to send private message to desolation0 Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
Dec-25-13, 09:50 AM (Pacific)
1. "RE: Wiz 7 quickest start strategy ?"
LAST EDITED ON Dec-25-13 AT 09:52 AM (Pacific)

For your Fairy Mage, try starting with 15 int and piety, ready to swap into Bishop, then you can swap right into Priest, then back into Mage again as soon as you get a single point to Int from leveling. Short of getting the items from a particular class, I like starting with a lower class type, with the prerequisites for a higher class already set up.

Can also be chained such that you'll have your Bard swap to Ninja, and vice versa, so you still get both item sets. That can take an especially large amount of starting points depending on the two classes chosen and the race of the character.

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kwahraps (1 posts) Click to EMail kwahraps Click to send private message to kwahraps Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
May-27-14, 09:09 AM (Pacific)
2. "RE: Wiz 7 quickest start strategy ?"
Just started playing again through DOSBOX.

For fast multi-class changing :
Rawulf is great for monk/ninja/samurai
Faerie is great for valkyrie/ninja and Cane of Corpus
Dwarf is great for samurai/ninja
Felpurr is great for ranger/valkyrie/ninja

Starting Bard should not be faerie (do not get Poet's Lute), then go right to Samurai for more mage spells and then toggle with monk or ninja, depending on race.

As mentioned, have one character start as a thief just to get skullduggery high enough where chests do not become a pain. My faerie valkyrie/ninja started as a thief and the levels come quick.

Priest character can go right to valkyrie and toggle with ninja.

Do the training dungeon, get a few levels, then get the map kit for 2500. Let your thief keep building levels, maybe even a Divine Trap spell, and you should be able to get the Legend map easily.

For easy experience, you can use the black wafer at the New City security house for unlimited fights.

Best early game weapons are Spear+2 and Crusaders 2H Axe (short swim from Eryn bridge). Just put 1 point of swimming into each level up and you'll have 10 in no time.

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