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"Wizardry 7 on iPad"

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Jan-16-13, 02:35 AM (Pacific)
"Wizardry 7 on iPad"
Well, got my Wizardry 7 running on my iPad and thought I'd let you know how, should you also want to (would work on an iPhone as well). Warning: I use Windows to do this, I don't know MAC

To do it, you have to jailbreak your device first, something I won't explain, but you can do it here:

Once you've done that, install DOSPad from here:

Reboot your iPad.

You'll likely also want iFile from the Cydia Store, this is the only thing that you pay for, and it's like $4 if I recall (It's very useful to have even without Wizardry). If you have another program that lets you see the root directory structure, you can use that instead of course.

Download from my DropBox the following zip file:

Using iFile move to your /var/mobile/Documents/ folder. Use the Unarchiver tool on it (just hold your finger on the .zip file until a drop down box appears, Unarchiver is there).

Move the WIZ-CD folder, from unzipping the zip file, up one (again, hold finger on directory, option comes up to "Select", bottom right, clipboard you can "cut", and then move it to /var/mobile/Documents/).

Using iFile on the WIZ-CD directory, press the blue (>) icon and make sure that group/world both have execute/write/read access to the folder, and turn on the Hierarchy option (this allows your save games to save).

Go to your Dospad that you've installed, at the top you can open a keyboard for typing, and type: cd Wizardry\W7

type in: wizardry

The game should open. There is no ESC key, so you have to wait through the opening credits, and will need to store your passwords somewhere so you can fill them in (there's a password file in the zip, but it's not complete, so may require several attempts to begin play).

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