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"A game to play while you wait for Wiz8.."

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May-10-01, 04:12 PM (Pacific)
"A game to play while you wait for Wiz8.."
If anyone here is interested, I am running a MUD (for those of you who don't know what that is MUD stands for Multi-user dungeon (or dimension) and is an online multi-player all text game in which players can help one another, group, go solo, or if they want to, have the option of being "deadly" which means they can attack/kill/steal from other players who are also "deadly" (if you are not a "deadly" player you cannot be harmed by "deadly" players) ).

I don't have a lot of original areas up yet, but I am working on it. Also, if you are someone experienced with MUDS and would like to help build or do MUD administration, let me know when you log on (provided im there) or email me or leave a note on the game for me.

The theme of my MUD is quirkiness, zaniness, and goofiness. If you would like to try it out, you can connect to the mud by telnetting to the following addres: 8000.

If anyone would like more information you can leave a reply here or email me.

Thank you,
-Myrddin of PolyMorphicMUD

p.s. For those of you who know about MUDS and would like some extra info: I'm running SMAUG1.4a that has been fairly modified, and I do have a very unique stat rolling system (at least I've never encountered its like before!).

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