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Kuli (Guest) (144 posts) Click to check IP address of the poster
Sep-12-01, 00:19 AM (Pacific)

Dear Americans,

I just have to send you my deepest sympathy after what was done to you yesterday. Even after I've slept a night over it, I still can't find words to express my feelings. I feel numb, maybe it's too big to find words for it or even realize what happened in New York and Washington.

I sat for hours in front of my TV staring in disbelief at the pictures that were repeated over and over again. I was paralyzed, tears flooding my eyes.

Terrible, just terrible. I think the German Chancellor Schröder was quite right when he described the attack as "a declaration of war against the free world". I just hope that the free world does not accept this declaration.

But I still wonder what makes people do such things!?! To kill thousands and thousands of people and destroy two of the most important buildings of the USA.

I dearly hope that all the horror and hatred we all feel at the moment does not provoke an overreaction. We all want the murdering cowards responsible for this to die in the most cruel way, but I don't want to have world war III.

Thanks for reading this, I send you all the best whishes.


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