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"Just Griping about XP"

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Feb-18-04, 04:52 PM (Pacific)
"Just Griping about XP"
I solved my own problem for a change.
I downloaded MG's Wizardry VII Viewer, in which the executables are designated as ".bmp" files instead of ".exe" files, with instructions to fix those designations in order to run the programs. Now, ordinarily (i.e., if on a non-XP machine), I have no difficulty in changing a file's designation -- it isn't rocket science. But those #$@%^! Gnomes-of-Redmond improved my life by automatically "hiding extensions of known file types" in XP, and I had a dickens' of a time trying to figure out how to "unhide" them so I could change them.

Praise be the Web: I finally found the answer.

Yet this just highlights one of my fundamental issues with the Gnomes: they keep trying to protect me from myself, and - @#$(**!! - what I really want is protection from THEM!

(On a side note, this was why, in the "early-days-of-personal-computing," I came down on the side of DOS instead of Mac machines: the Mac OS also seemed structured around the principle of protecting me from myself: not letting me do things that I wanted to do but that IT was sure I didn't.)

Oh, well, at least I have a happy ending, this time.

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Llevram (5022 posts) Click to EMail Llevram Click to send private message to Llevram Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
Feb-18-04, 08:35 PM (Pacific)
1. "Oh, that type of XP"
(I thought you were talking eXperience Points)

Ya, there is a fine line between making things user friendly and dumbed-down. I had similar issues trying to print out CD inserts I had made and printed on my Windows 98 machine, when I moved the file and printer to my wife's XP machine ...

It gave me many options to print my file: wallet size, 5 x 7, etc. not one option for just print the damn file like it is, as is, don't try and figure it how I want it changed. Finally found the center horizontal and vertical options to deselect ...

Tools for Wizardry(r) 7

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