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"Barlone goes topless :)"

Posted by Llevram on Apr-30-00 at 09:11 AM
No, not really, but I thought that was more catchy than "Barlone's chests revealed"

The whole "who has what treasure" question (or more so, how can you tell what treasures are available from each chest) has bugged me for a long time.

And unsupported claims like "I got Excaliber from one of Barlone's chests" have just gone on long enough. So, given a renewed interest in Barlone's chest I started digging through the over 300,000 bytes of the scenario file, looking for them. I found them and figured out their layout.

I've put up a web page (to much information and detail to list here in a post) that lists each chest, how many "treasures" it has, and the possible list of items for each individual treasure.

Here's the link, enjoy.

p.s. No Excaliber anywhere in the list.

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"RE: Barlone goes topless :)"
Posted by Frazzle on May-01-00 at 06:18 AM
LAST EDITED ON May-01-00 AT 06:21 AM (Pacific)

Nice! Thanks... some of us really do appreciate the effort you put in.

I figured that they must have seen a Dragon Slayer appear, which looks like an Excaliber until you identify it.

Been poking around the Gorror chests lately myself. I'd be curious to see what the scenario file looks like, because these chests have items that don't always show up. My tentative sketch is as follows (all Gorror chests seem to follow the same pattern):

Item #1: Cat'O Nine Tail, Vulcan Hammer, Axe of Many Runes, Raven's Bill, Maiden Head, Sword of Fire, Silent Lyre, Horn of Promethus, possibly some other musical instruments.

Item #2: Magic item: book, scroll, or potion

*Item #3: POWER WEAPON: Excaliber, Avenger, Diamond Eyes, Muramasa Blade, Zatoichi Bo, Staff of Doom, Maenad's Lance, Blades of Aesir, Estoc De Olivia, Faust Halberd, possibly some others

*Item #4: POWER ARMOR #1: Ebony Heaume, (U), (L), Plate Mail +3 (U), (L), Robe of the Enchanter (U), (L), Mantis Gloves/Boots, Hi-Kane-Do (U), (L), Black Gown of Death (U), (L), Faerie Cap, Armet, Chamail Doublet/Pants +2, Displacer Cloak, Forest Cape, and I'm sure a few I forgot or haven't seen

*Item #5: POWER ARMOR #2: Same list as POWER ARMOR #1

Item #6: Magic item: book, scroll, amulet, rechargable wand (Pandora's Wand, Wand of Winds, Crystal Wand, Winterwand, etc), non-rechargable wand (Fire Stix, Icicle Stix, Cracker Stix, etc), ring, stone

Item #7: Magic item: same or similar list as #6

*Item #8: Magic item: same or similar list as #6

* The trick, however, is that items #3, #4, #5, and #8 DO NOT ALWAYS APPEAR. Probably a 50% chance of each appearing... and quite likely even lower. So you can get as few as four items or as many as eight... and of course the best items, many of whom you can only get from these chests, are precisely the ones that don't always appear. My guess is that this is somehow implemented in the scenario file as a bunch of blanks in the list of possible items.

I'll be waiting breathlessly for the official "Gorrors go Topless" post

"Start with the easy ones first :)"
Posted by Llevram on May-01-00 at 07:30 AM
Since Barlone's chests always have the same number of items and some items are "set" (they always appear, like the vitriolic warder), I figured it was a good starting point.

It turned out to be fairly easy to figure out, once I found the few bytes (out of the 368,000+) that I was looking for

For Barlone's chest, each item (i.e. treasure) record starts with the first item available (by item number) then is followed by the number of items in the list. So for the first treasure in chest #1, items 1-26 (dagger - halberd) are available.

The Gorrors sound a bit more complicated, but I'm sure follow the same pattern. I think there were 4 "unused" bytes in the records I was looking at and each ended with 2 bytes that I assumed was an "end of record mark". But I am now guessing at least one of those 2 bytes was a percent of chance that the item would appear (since it was always 100 )

One last question, do you really think all the Gorrors chests are the same? I seemed to think that the "lesser" Gorrors (Rasepratep, Horragoth, D'arboleth) seemed to have a bit weaker treasure. But this is probably just a random thing ... or maybe I was just remembering the battles
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"Gorrors - Clothing optional :)"
Posted by Llevram on May-02-00 at 01:07 AM
It looks like you were really close Frazzle. I think there are 7 possible in each chest. I checked Horragoth's and the Beast's chests and they use the same entry, I imagine the rest would to.

Here's the link

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"RE: Gorrors - Clothing optional :)"
Posted by Frazzle on May-03-00 at 12:57 PM
Cool! Thanks again!

I see why I misinterpreted it... what I thought was exclusively a second armor slot also contained "reagent" type items, so that's where my 8th slot actually came from. I've never actually seen more than 7 items come from a Gorror chest. Just goes to show no amount of random sampling (at least no amount I'm willing to put in) can guarantee complete knowledge of a chest.

"RE: Barlone goes topless :)"
Posted by joebob -ur on May-03-00 at 09:06 AM
Thanks for all the hard work. You really put that jimm gut in his place.