1. Wizardry 6: Bane of the Cosmic Forge

Items – How do I get:

-- Key of Ramm?

A: The Key of Ramm is behind the gate on the first level of the castle, with the sign "Keep Gate Closed During Service Hours." That gate can be opened by a secret button on the wall, just to the right of the gate.



A: It's random. You can get it (and most of the other "good" random items) from pit fiends or greater demons in the temple. You can possibly also get it from a Godzilla.


--Ninja clothes?


A: There are two ways to get the ninja clothes in Bane. No one sells them, you can start with them,

which is probably the easiest way, or...a little bit harder, near the end of the game in the forest and temple areas, you can find the occasional ninja to fight...and have a random chance to pick up one of their garments.

-- Diamond ring?


A: In the "drop the cross ending" Rebecca will speak with you. Tell her "I love you."

-- What items are necessary to complete the game?


A: There are 12 items that cannot be avoided. They are:


Miner's Pick

Horn of Souls

Wizard's Record

Idol of Mau-Mu-Mu

Dagger of Ramm

Staff of Aram

Miner's Chisel

Wizard's Ring

Goat's Mask

Water Wings

Rope & Hook

Ring of Stars


Further, there are 3 items that can be avoided, but probably shouldn’t be. They are:

Book of the Damned (think: the two fountains)

Tinkerbell (think: magic cookies, cheap potions)

Fishline w/ Hook (think: incense, bottle rockets, etc.)

Then, there are 10 items that aren’t absolutely necessary, but that can’t be dropped once they are picked up. They are:


Book of Ramm

Deadman's Log

J.R. Decoder

King's Diary

Bottle w/ Ans & Cork

Book of Sirens

Silver Cross

Holy Stakes of Wood (3)


Puzzles – How do I solve?


-- The buttons on the altar?


A: Press: Goat, Goat, Orb, Staff, and Orb


Cheats / Tricks /Tips

Q: Is there a quick way to gain XP?


A: Yes. Enemies can "slide under" gates... that is, you can fight an enemy who normally only shows up on the other side of a gate, by sitting in front of that gate and "spinning." The best place to do this is in the castle, in the basement, roughly above the "skull door" You'll find some enemies from near the endgame behind this gate. Good Luck, you'll REALLY need it!


Q: How do I make my character act insane without casting a spell on him/her?


A: You can make your first character go insane (on slower systems anyways)

by holding down a key during battle.


Q: How do I meet Rebecca, Bela or the Queen's Ghost as an NPC?


A: Each of these characters give you an item (for bela and 'becca, you must be in the "drop the cross ending"). If all your item slots are filled, instead of "(so and so got an item)" you meet with them in "NPC mode" until you free up an item slot. This can be manipulated to get unlimited amounts of some very powerful items (see "How do I get unlimited diamond rings?" below.)



The Queen's ghost gives you two items: the cross & the key of evil.

Rebecca gives you 2 items, potentially (diamond ring and something else) in the "drop the cross" ending.

Bela gives you the key of stars in the "drop the cross, answer 'NO' to him" ending.


If, however, every character's inventory is full, in each case you'll meet them as an NPC. (after one action, however, you go back to the "non-NPC" sequence)


So, for example, you meet the queen with all your item slots full. You get dumped to the NPC screen now. You can fight her (and end your quest basically, since you're stuck!)... or you can give her an item. Now she talks again, she gives you the key of evil, then tries to give you the silver cross... but can't, since your item slots are full, so it goes back to the NPC screen. You give her another item, and you get to get a second key of evil....


You can do the same thing with the other NPCs … Thus, for example:


-- How do I get unlimited diamond rings?


A: If an NPC is due to give you a required item, but you have no available slots, you go into the normal "meet with NPC" mode. If you have 1 or 0 empty slots and you meet with the demon girl, you can "I LOVE YOU", give her a worthless item, "I LOVE YOU" her again, get rid of another item... and repeat the process indefinitely... when you want to "escape" remember to have 3 free item slots, since there are 3 required items you must take before she departs.


-- How do I fight the queen's ghost?


A: Meet her as an NPC (see "How do I meet Rebecca, Bela or the Queen's Ghost as an NPC" above)


-- How do I get the diamond rind and the cameo locket in the same game?


A: Fight Bela in the "drop the cross ending" by meeting him as an NPC. (see "How do I meet Rebecca, Bela or the Queen's Ghost as an NPC" above).


Q: How many ending are there, and what are they?

A: In bane, there are 3 endings:

1. Fight the king & Rebecca, fight Bela.

2. Take the pen.

3. Befriend the king & Rebecca, befriend Bela.