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"rolled 55-56 bonus points"

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Jul-18-17, 10:02 AM (Pacific)
"rolled 55-56 bonus points"
A year ago I rolled bonus points in the 50s. 55 or 56.

I'm 100% positive this happened. I clearly recall allocating the stats, and thinking that if it had been in the 60s or 70s I couldn't have been able to get out of character creation screen because most of his stats were 17s and 18s. At the same time, I wasn't overly shocked, as I'd rolled something in the 50s or 60s in Wiz5 like ten years ago, and I just assumed that it was just extremely unlikely.

That was until I read that, according to Mad_God, the highest possible bonus point roll is 26...?

Has anyone else rolled anything higher than 26? This was the DOS version, run on Dosbox.

Is there something weird hidden in the code or am I just crazy?

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