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"Items that are Race AND Class specific"

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myrddin (202 posts) Click to EMail myrddin Click to send private message to myrddin Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
Dec-22-01, 04:38 AM (Pacific)
"Items that are Race AND Class specific"
I wanted to post this here since although it got its start from certain information and things I often think about because of the Wizardry games - it is just a kind of side thing for me.

I remember when me and a friend would play CoDS a lot and when we found the Cane of Corpus and how cool we thought it was. We then wondered why there wasnt any other race/class specific items. There are lots of items that have severe restrictions on race or class but only one restricted to both. So I thought about it and if I had had any influence on Wiz8 I would have created a race/class specific item for every single combination. I know thats a lot (165 to be exact) but I thought it would be really neat and add something fun to the game and an interesting item for those people who sometimes play unlikely combinations to look forward to acquiring.

So - I started just doing it on my own for the hell of it. However, as I said, it is a rather large task to come up with that many items but it is doable. I already have about 25 or so done with some possible descriptions of what the items affects will do. Some of the items I've come up with are armor, some weapons, some items for those ring slots (where rings/necklaces and such things go (I call it the ring slots because thats the Wiz8 icon you click to look through party inventory for those items)) and I've also created a couple of instruments (for some of the Bard races) and a gadget and one thats a spell. A couple of them are also amusing (like Einsteins Wig).

Anyway - I've said all that to ask anyone with any ideas for any of the race/class combinations or comments on the ones I've created let me know. Below are a list of those that I've thought of so far:

Hum/Gad Shimmering Cloak 15 resistance to all magic realms

Drac/Valk Dragon Slayer Polearm with bonus damage to all serpents and dragons

Hum/Mag Oaken Staff Staff weapon with +15 wizardry 5-12 dam +2tohit +1 initiative

Fae/Mag Cone of Stars cap with +5 ac and +10 resistance to element realms

Hum/Psi Einstein Wig Wig thatís like einsteins wild white hair +10 int. and +10 Psionics

Hum/Figh Elendil Sword Sword of Elendil bonus damage to all night and undead creatures

Hob/Rog Sting Short sword that is either primary or secondary - and double damage to undead

Hum/Rog Black EyePatch Head gear with +8ac, +10 senses; +5 locks and traps; +5 thievery

Hum/Monk Tonsure Cap Cap with +6ac, +10 int, +5 psionics, and +5 critical

Hum/Bard Harmonica casts divine trap and lock

Gno/Alc Longstem Pipe For a ring slot - +10 int +5 piety +3ac

Gno/Gad Spectacles Head Gear +7ac +10int +10 wizardry +5senses

Dwa/Fig Mithril Garment Weight: 1 lb +10str/vit +18ac

Liz/Nin WhipTail For a ring slot - Every time Ninja kicks - gets extra attack that has hit range between punch and kick

Fae/Ran Energy Arrow Magical Arrow in which 1 arrow has 100 shots (which greatly reduces weight) - 5% crit and 5% chance of hitting opponent with energy blast (level based on bow and ranged attack skill)

Fae/Bard Hypnotic Lyre casts at all enemies a special offensive charm spell - causes affected opponents to "gaze in wonder" instead of attacking

Hum/Fig Elendil Sword Awesome Sword maybe like 20-40 with 5% crit and +20 sword

Gno/Gad Intricate Clock Casts both haste on your party and slow on all enemies (req gadg lvl 15 engineering 65)

Fel/Rog Thieves Paw dagger - +10 pickpocket 2%crit +10senses (primary or secondary) (havent figured out dam range)

Raw/Rog Hounds Tooth dagger - +5 pickpocket 2%crit +15 senses (primary or secondary) (havent figured out dam range)

Hum/Bish Chaplet Head Armor - (haven't decided on stats yet)

Elf/Lord Elronds Coronal Head Armor - (haven't decided on stats yet)

Fel/Nin Black Collar Ring Slot - +10stealth/martial arts 2ac

Raw/Nin Spiked Collar Ring Slot- +10senses and +5 crit. 2ac

Mook/Psi Brain Dead A spell which can only be learned by finding the Book of Brain Drain - lets mook psionicist acquire the Brain Dead spell - spell which is cast at a group - afflicts them with -10 to -50 intelligence (great to cast at enemies that cast spells on you)

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Llevram (5022 posts) Click to EMail Llevram Click to send private message to Llevram Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
Dec-22-01, 07:37 AM (Pacific)
1. "Way off base"
Just kidding Though Spectacles should give a bonus to Mythology

Actually, I think it would be cool to have items that, along with being race/class specific, also be gender based. Also items that improves whole skill sets, like Physical, Magic, Academia, ...

For instance, A Tome of Learning could give you a +5 boost to all academia skills. Black Belt of 5 flowes could give a boost to all Martial arts skills. Or boosts to subsets, like an item that gives a boost to all three: Sword, Dagger & Close Combat.

But also, just more items in general (for me anyway). And though it is nice to have race/class specific items, I think I would rather see items that may be limited to just one class and give a bonus to one (or more) race, or vice versa. Like a Cane of Corpus that is usable by all faeries, but gives a bonus if the faerie happens to be a ninja.

In general, I would rather see items usuable by all race/class combos, but with +/- modifiers for "inappropriate" combinations. Like you could put Plate +2 on your mage, but all his spell-related skills would get cut in half.

Tools for Wizardry(r) 7

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