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"Whatever happened to Jack Hartman?"

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Scary (286 posts) Click to EMail Scary Click to send private message to Scary Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
Jul-13-04, 11:33 PM (Pacific)
"Whatever happened to Jack Hartman?"
What has happened to Jack Hartman, creator of the Universal Game Editor ("UGE")?
Here's why I'm asking: I've had the UGE on my computer (and moved it from computer to computer) for years, now. It is, without a doubt, the best generic game editor I've seen (allowing hex-editing of savegame files). Whatever I know about any of the wizardries (or other games) that came from the code, came through use of UGE.
My problem? Bad things happened to my computer. Bad, bad things. Apparently, I need to be careful where I visit on the web, espectially without protection. Anyway, the poor computer caught something - not a virus, but some sort of super-pop-up-program (it would literally try popping up ads one right after the other, so fast that you could not do ANYTHING on the computer.) I took it to our IS expert at work, and while he gave me all sorts of protection to prevent this sort of thing from happening in the future, he could not cure my existing ills, although he tried for two days.
The end result? I lobotomized my poor little notebook: It has the ability to return the hard disk to the "factory version": how it was when it was delivered to me, with the operating system and precious little else.
In a way, this was a refreshing new start. There are things I had loaded previously that I wouldn't have, if I had it to do over again, as I now do. Among other things, I also am removing Internet Explorer, replacing it with Mozilla's FireFox, since it is not vulnerable to all that IE is. (This was another recommendation from my IS guy.)
The problem? I have gone to re-download UGE . . . AND IT ISN'T THERE!!!!!!
Several other sites mention it, link to Jack Hartman's site, and carry MODULES for the UGE, but Jack's site is gone, Gone, GONE. (Ironically, his wife's site is still up, with a dead link to his site:
Anyone know where UGE is available for downloading?
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domhnall4h (36 posts) Click to EMail domhnall4h Click to send private message to domhnall4h Click to view user profile Click to send message via ICQ Click to check IP address of the poster
Jul-14-04, 07:25 AM (Pacific)
1. "RE: Whatever happened to Jack Hartman?"
LAST EDITED ON Jul-14-04 AT 07:26 AM (Pacific)

Ouch. That sucks. First, a few hints on keeping your PC healthy, not-so-wealthy, and wise.

Get Ad-Aware and Spybot, run them both on a regular basis. Zone Alarm has a very good free firewall. AVG anti virus, even if you have Norton. In fact, drop Norton, it's not as good, and it's a resource hog. If you do drop Norton, consider getting another freeware antivirus. I don't and have never had a problem, but it's up to you. I know someone who has three Anti-viruses, two Firewalls, and doesn't use IE. Mozilla is a good start. Finally, spend a little money on a few dozen floppies, and regularly back up documents, source code, and small downloaded programs such as UGE. I have UGE and a relatively large number of modules (some of which I wrote) on a single disk, along with a number of docs.

As for UGE, I got my copy (one day, long long ago, in a universe far from here) from one of the mass gaming sites. Avault, HappyPuppy, XCheater, or Megagames. It's been a while. There are/were other sites you can check out as well. You may also want to try Gamehippo and, though I can't say if either site will have an availiable copy. Ultimately, if you can't find it, send me an email at, and I'll dig the disk out, and send it on down the line.
"There's always room for jello. So says DOOM!"

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Scary (286 posts) Click to EMail Scary Click to send private message to Scary Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
Jul-14-04, 12:04 PM (Pacific)
2. "Success"
Found it here. Just to be on the safe side, I've downloaded the zip to my work computer, so I know I'll have a copy somewhere. I'll download it to my notebook when I get home.

Doom: Yes, those are all good suggestions. A lot of these things I didn't have to worry about when I didn't have a working wireless card. (Much like one needn't fear being murdered when you're the only inhabitatant of a deserted island.) Now that I have a working wireless card . . . . As spiderman would say, "With great power comes great vulnerability." Or something like that. I am getting eTrust (anti-virus) and Pest Patrol (spyware/adware). I'm hoping that will do me.

Backing up is always good advice. Although in some respects, I don't mind a fresh start. Some of what I lost I won't miss, and a lot of the rest I am going to enjoy re-creating - especially now that I have a macro program to speed generate wizardry characters.

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myrddin (202 posts) Click to EMail myrddin Click to send private message to myrddin Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
Jul-27-06, 04:43 PM (Pacific)
4. "RE: Whatever happened to Jack Hartman?"
Another good idea is to get a good free drive imaging program. Regularly image your drive and back up the image to a CD or DVD.

That way if somehting like that happens instead of relying on the stupid windows restore point you can just erase your HD and then restore the image.

Do some google searches, theres some good free ones out there.

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Josepi H. Josiah (Guest) (1 posts) Click to check IP address of the poster
Jan-26-06, 10:19 AM (Pacific)
3. "RE: Whatever happened to Jack Hartman?"
Just dropped in to read this post to find that all his stuff has been gone for quite some time, I wanted to let people know that I found a site that has the UGE for download, I apologize if I should not be putting certain links up and promoting certain cyber-places, but here it is:

the page for direct download should be:

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