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"Using / abusing 3D environment in W&W"

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Mirek (Guest) (22 posts) Click to check IP address of the poster
Jul-25-01, 11:52 PM (Pacific)
"Using / abusing 3D environment in W&W"
One good thing I noticed about W&W is that it is possible to use (abuse) 3D environment to get where you should not.

In the first dungeon (crypt), there a point where only one path must be chosen (wizard/warrior). The bars are open by figurines. There are two of them, taking one means inability to get to the other (stairs will not show up). But it is possible to take a few crates/barrels (broken work as well) and after a while to get there. So it is possible to go through both ways and collect all available things .
This attitude could probably be used in other situations as well (e.g. probably in library of the Snake Temple), but if possible it is better to solve puzzles (in the Crypt there was no other way).


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