How to do I get WizEdit 2.2

(and Wiz1Edit ... it's a package deal)

Nov, 2007: After 9 long years, sales of my editors have slowed to a trickle and seemingly dried up. I have toyed with the idea of giving them away long enough ... it is time. Should people find them useful and want to kick in a few bucks to help pay for the web site I maintain, well that would be great. Otherwise, enjoy!
To download a free copy, use these links:

WizEdit - Editor for Wizardry® 7
Wiz1Edit - Editor for Wizardry® 1

and use the following registration information:

Registered Name: freebie
Registered Key:   44322

If you want your own personalized name/key ... read on -->
To order your own personalized version of WizEdit/Wiz1Edit on a CD, you have a two _options:
  1. Via Mail
    • Print out the order form
    • Fill in the required information
    • Send the completed order form and a check or
    • Money order (drawn on a US bank) for the total amount to:


  2. Via Paypal/email
    • Send $5 to: paypal AT ... yes, replace the word "AT" with the symbol to make that a valid email address
    • Be sure to include the registered name you would like to use
    • I will email you your registration information
    • Got any questions ... shoot me an email rickrice AT