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"Two more Wizardry 1 Alternate Scenarios"

Posted by Snafaru on Mar-24-17 at 04:51 PM
Hi to all Wizardry fellow fans.

I have dug out 2 more Wizardry 1 alternate scenarios.

They are "Atomic Wasteland 2098" and "Fineous' Revenge".

I have went through a lot of trouble to extract "Atomic Wasteland 2098" from where it was, I kind of had to Kadorto the game back into a state where it would be easy for people to get it started, the scenario is original and is well worth playing. "Fineous' Revenge" is more about making fun of the authors of Wizardry and other games of the era.

Both can be found on my web site as well as accompanying documentation and maps and stuff and everything to get going.

Write me at snafaru@zimlab.com if you need help with anything.




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