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"How can I keep track of new messages?"
DCForum gives you two options to keep treack of new messages. By default, DCForum will keep track of the time of your last visit. When you revisit at a later time, it will denote forums and topics containing new messages since your last visit.

Another way to keep track of new messages is to use the MARK feature. You must be a registered user to use this feature. After you finish reading messages in a forum, simply click on the MARK icon to time stamp the last time you read all messages. The next time you visit this site, all forums and topics containing unread messages will display different icon.

  1. What is a lobby?
  2. What is a conference?
  3. What is a forum?
  4. What is a thread/topic?
  5. What is a subscription?
  6. What is an inbox?
  7. What is a bookmark?
  8. Why are there so many different types of forums?
  9. When I post a message in one forum, it posts ok. But in another forum, it won't post. Why?
  10. How do I register?
  11. How can I keep track of new messages?
  12. I want to use the private forums. How do I do that?
  13. How do I use HTML tags?
  14. How do I post images?
  15. How do I use HTML links?
  16. How do I use those smiley icons?
  17. Why do some file icons display flame?
  18. Why do some forums show icon when others show ?
  19. Why do some topics show icon when others show ?
  20. Why do some topics have [view all] next to the subject?
  21. What are those little icons next to the usernames in the messages?
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